Welcome to Poshly Distinct where we provide designs, concepts and details inspired by you. Welcome to what will be one of the most memorable times in your lives. We know you must be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the choices available to you in the wedding & event industry. Don’t worry!  The vision of what you imagine your special day to be, what you dream it to be is right in front of you. It just takes the resources, guidance, expertise and dedication of a seasoned professional to make your vision come to life.
We can guide you quickly and efficiently to exactly what you are looking for and save you much time and energy in the process. We offer only the highest level of creative, personalized service, the most spectacular venues, exquisite floral designs, delectable menu options and referrals to only the finest, most reliable vendors in the industry. We design weddings and events with a personal touch, creative eye and guide our clients graciously throughout the planning process from innovative concept to flawless execution. We accept each wedding and event as a very serious undertaking and treat it as if it were our own.

Our goal is to always exceed expectations and our mission is to be your voice on your spectacular day. We make it our responsibility to carry out your wishes exactly as you had imagined down to the very last little detail, but with the same passion and intensity as if you’ve done it yourself.  Let us lead you effortlessly by the hand through this wonderful experience and let’s have some fun!

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